Bring & Buy

We’ll be running a super-easy Bring & Buy games store on Saturday, January 27th.

All fees and commissions go to GCOM to help offset costs of the con space rental. Your sales get you cash and your purchases get you some great games at great deals — both while supporting local board gaming.


See the games available for sale! Bring cash! That way you can buy snack bar items if you get nibbly before or after a big meal. Auction Store sales start at 12 noon, with price drops at 1 and 2. Sales end at 3.


There’s a $.25-$.75 fee per game you enter, deducted from your proceeds or payable when the store closes, whether or not it sells.

Game submission begins at 11:00am on Saturday. Print and complete this sheet with one form per game.  Also complete and email this spreadsheet, or bring it to the auction store on a flash drive, with an entry for each item you are selling. If you’d like some extra marketing exposure, email a copy of your spreadsheet well in advance, and we’ll put your games on the Winterfest web site. Game prices must be specified in whole dollars, and must decrease each hour by at least $1.  Payouts will be conducted between 4pm and 6pm. If you don’t pick up your games by 6pm, they WILL be donated to GCOM’s library!

The base listing fee is $.25 per item/lot. If you haven’t entered your lot information into the spreadsheet on a flash drive we can read, and the store volunteers have to create entries for you, the listing price increases from $.25 to $.50 per item/lot (it still all goes to GCOM). Besides the listing fee, GCOM will collect 10% of each sale, rounded down (in your favor) to the nearest $.25, and $.25 for each game that does not sell.

GCOM is also accepting donations of games and gaming items to be sold to other gamers for $2 each after the Bring & Buy closes, with a price drop to $1/item on Sunday. If you have an unloved game, promo, book, etc. that’s not worth marketing, but hate to send to the landfill, this is a great way to pass it on to your fellow gamers. De-clutter and get green while helping GCOM.