Volunteer Opportunities at
GCOM’s Winter Game Fest 2017

Volunteers desperately NEEDED!

Here are some tasks we need help with:

  • Registration, help sell and hand out badges and badge holders the first two hours of Saturday and/or Sunday (Lisa Goldstein + Michelle Hymowitz)
  • Shelf assembly and Games Library setup Friday 5pm-7pm
  • Pizza distribution at lunch and dinner each day (you take a ticket and put that slice on the plate for about 20 minutes)
  • Empty trash cans at closing – this is a real stress point for the con director, since it’s very hard to do this while gamers are still playing. It’s just a 15 minute job.
  • Pack up games libraries Sunday evening.
  • Flyer and/or web page design, here’s the current flier
  • Photography – yes, your iPhone photography is fine. We need representative photos of classes of games played, events, facility, and happy gamers.
  • Snack bar setup Saturday morning (15 minute job), Brian Bush volunteered to help last year
  • Snack bar closing packing (15-30 minutes Sunday http://winterfest.gamesclubofmd.org/wp-content/uploads/Winterfest-flyer2017.pptat 8pm).
  • Help with Bring & Buy store. You get first option at game purchases and pay no fee to sell yours! (Eric Hymowitz is running it this year)
  • Marketing to Meetup Groups, Ed and Bayard helped with this last year
  • Marketing and PR with local news media – John Goon helped with this last year
  • Volunteer coordinator (recruit and manage volunteer applications and activities)